Smart QR Code

Make any of your direct mail products interactive with our Smart QR Code technology!

We know farming works; use our Smart QR Code to enhance this proven approach and see who is scanning your marketing. Each homeowner is assigned a unique QR code embedded with their personal information. When a homeowner scans their code, you will receive the lead via email with the homeowner’s name, address, and time of the scan. If you are using a Microsite and the homeowner completes the form, you will also receive their phone number and email. This technology empowers you to follow up and forge new relationships faster.

PRO TIP: We recommend sending a follow-up Personal Brochure to the homeowners who have scanned your marketing. You can find details about this product here.

  • 5.5″ x 11″ (2-Sided)
  • $39 design fee
  • $89 flat per mailing for Smart QR Code
  • Single order. Order one time, whenever you want
  • Includes Spot clear luxury finish
  • Printed on high quality card stock


300+ $0.95 each (Includes Postage)

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